Ben Woo
Ben and Marris Woo
Ben Woo: A tall blue bear like alien on left, his brother Marrie Woo right.
Vital statistics
Title Settlers
Gender Male
Race No spoken in the show
Faction Heroes
Health *
Level *
Status *
Location Fort Kerium, New Texas
Ben and Marris Woo

Ben Woo (left) with Marris Woo (right)

Judy smiles

Character Background Edit

He is a blue anthropomorphic biped bear.

History Edit

Settlers that came too New Texas, he and his brother, bounded of Handlebar, while running in Fort Kerium square. Thinking that being a member of Carrion Bunch would be good, he and his brother were to plant a sleepy bomb, to help trap the Shaman, but they changed there mind.

Bravestarr and Thirty/Thirty saved them, from drowning in the underwater river near Starr Peak.

Later on they got a big brother Handlebar, and Ben under oath told the story about the sleep bomb[citation needed]

Behind the ScenesEdit

Ben Woo was voiced by Charlie Adler


  • Episode 12: Big Thirty and Little Wimble (none speaking role) - Zimbee was one of the alien children on Miss Jenny's field trip.
  • Episode ? Tex but no Hex[citation needed]