Blackthorne Publishing Comic - The Boy and his Horse
[[Image:[citation needed]|center|284px]]
Author John Stephenson
Illustrator Adrian Moro
Cover Color: Steve Shanes
Publication date Fall 1987
Published by Blackthorne Publishing
Publication Order
Preceded by
Blackthorne Publishing Comic - The Legend of BraveStarr
Followed by

A Boy and His Horse [1]Edit

Synopsis Edit

This comic begins on a very calm day in Fort Kerium. Judge JB, Thirty-Thirty, and BraveStarr and strolling through town when they happen upon two young boys fighting. BraveStarr and JB explain you should never treat friend like that.

JB then explains that even Thirty-Thirty and BraveStarr have fought before. Then a flashback of how Thirty-Thirty and BraveStarr met begins.

This comic has some very cool images. There is an especially neat looking image of the Hall of Equestroids that looks very cool. Although the images are nice the story isn't anything original that really wasn't in the movie.

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