Blackthorne Publishing Comic - The Legend of BraveStarr
[[Image:[citation needed]|center|284px]]
Author John Stephenson
Illustrator Adrian Moro
Cover Color: Steve Shanes
Publication date Fall 1987
Published by Blackthorne Publishing
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Blackthorne Publishing Comic - The Boy and his Horse

The Legend of BraveStarr[1]Edit

Synopsis Edit

The first seven pages is the story of the Shaman arriving at the planet of New Texas and sending off a young BraveStarr to the nearest Galactic Marshal Outpost. The Shaman then surrounds his ship with meteors and then crashes into New Texas with his ship landing on top of a peak.

After this Judge J.B. tells us the rest of the story. This makes it rather interesting and not just a comic version of the movie. From their on it is basically the part of the movie where Tex Hex's gang comes and BraveStarr defeats him for the first time. Afterwards is a very mysterious appearance by the Shaman. Over all this is a very interesting comic. The perspective of J.B. makes the whole thing worth while.

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