Wize alec Clorg

Character BioEdit

Clorgg was a young alien boy living in Fort Kerium, presumably with his parents. Together with his classmate Brian, Clorg used to tease Wild Child because of his Dingo upbringing. Even after Wild Child helped find a cure for the sudden illness brought on by the pollen of the Fever Flower, an illness from which boy Clorg and Brian suffered, the two young bullies did not express gratitude to Wild Child. However, by that time Wild Child had learned to deal with their attitude and accept it. Call of the Wild

Behind the ScenesEdit

Clorg was voiced by Pat Fraley.


  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - Clorg and Brian took pleasure in teasing Wild Child about his Dingo upbringing. They were the first to fell victim to the illness brought on by the Fever Flower, but remained ungrateful to Wild Child after he helped BraveStarr to secure the antidote.