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BraveStarr Complete Season Edit

  • ASIN: B004RA7XZE[1]

Background[2] Edit

Set in the 23rd Century on the distant planet, New Texas, BraveStarr is a classic 1980s TV series that debuted alongside an action-figure toy line from Mattel. The Galactic Marshall, BraveStarr, possesses "spirit animal powers," including the eyes of a hawk, ears of a wolf, strength of a bear and speed of a puma. With his trusted partner, a horse named Thirty-Thirty, BraveStarr battles galactic villains like Tex Hex and Outlaw Skuzz.[3]

Galactic Marshal Bravestarr on New Texas

Episode Guide Booklet Edit

Synopses and trivia written by James Eatock and Neil Andrew Sheldon.

Documentary produced by Reed Kaplan, directed and scripted by Andy Mangels. Booklet written by James Eatock

DVD Extras[4] Edit

BraveStarr - The Legend Edit

[6] This is how a published synopsis described the movie. Set in a science-fiction universe where high technology is combined with the icons of the Old West, the film features a cowboy named BraveStarr who must save planet New Texas from the villainous Stampede, a sci-fi cattle baron, and his enforcer, Tex Hex, who are determined to rule the universe. Together with his trusted companions Thirty-Thirty (a robot horse), J.B. (a lady judge), sidekick Deputy Fuzz, and mystic mentor Shaman, BraveStarr does battle with the forces of evil.[7]

References Edit

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