"Two Face" Dingo Dan
Dingo dan
"Two Face' Dingo Dan
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"Two faced" Dingo Dan was one of Tex's coyotes with a notionally Aussie accent. Dan is a master of disguise with the ability to take on a human appearance but would often forget to change his distinctive "fancy hat."

Dingo Dan was captured after a failed attempt to rob the Stratocoach as part of the Dune Buggy Gang. But when Deputy Fuzz was left to guard the jail cel on his own, Dingo used his shapeshifting talent to appear to be a drunk man who was scheduled to leave the cel after sobering up.

With BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty out of town, Dan immediately began terrorizing Fort Kerium and used the new Kerium-Magnet on his dune buggy to attract not only loads of Kerium stacks from the bank, but also smaller nuggets belonging to miners and settlers. Soon Dingo even began operating his buggy by remote control.

Fuzz, who was fired by Mayor Derringer for letting Dan escape, managed to lure Dingo Dan into the Trading Post with the promise of a cool glass of Sweetwater and tricked Dan into stepping on a loose floorboard, thereby getting stuck in the floor, and being recaptured. (Shake Hands with Long Arm John)


Dingo Dan was also part of the Dune Buggy Gang. His Dune Buggy was equiped with various gadgets including a Kerium Magnet. (Shake Hands with Long Arm John)

Behind the ScenesEdit

Dingo Dan was voiced by Charlie Adler.


  • Episode 54: Shake Hands with Long Arm John - Dingo Dan was captured after a failed attempt to rob the Stratostage, but escaped using his shapeshifting power and began to terrorize Fort Kerium on his Dune Buggy.