Eye of the Beholder
Season 1, Episode Production 10
[citation needed]
Air date 9/28/87[1]
Written by Tom Tataranowicz & Micheal Stevens
Directed by Tom Sito
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Synopsis Edit

Ally Kingston, comes for a shipment of pure Kerium, to take to Galactic Vision Laboratory[2], when Tex Hex comes and attacks the town, and Marshal BraveStarr used his ax to put his Skull Walker out of commission, for a while. He end up getting 'bucked' off, and later on Ally finds, him, using her ears and special audio headset, that picks up him, up for she is blind.[3]

References Edit

  2. Writer Booklet by James Eatock Synopses and trivia   James Eatock and Neil Andrew Sheldon

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