Hospital in Fort Kerium
250px-Space Virus Victim
Hospital in Fort Kerium, Left Marshal BraveStarr, Center Doc Clayton Right Charlie Victim of Strain 25 Space Virus
Vital statistics
Type Medical
Level ((?))
Location New Texas
Inhabitants Doc Clayton, medical robots
Faine off to the hospital

Off to the hospital

Background Edit

In Fort Kerium, its the main medical facility, on the planet of New Texas, run by Doc Clayton. a settler by the name of Charlie (New Texas), was treated there for Strain 25 Space Virus watch over by his wife Stella (New Texas) and Doc Clayton.

180px-Viral Serum


  • Episode 47: The Price - Thirty/Thirty helped BraveStarr keep the Spin-addicts in jail and to destroy the Spin-Factory.

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