Starr Peak

Hawk is a lookout post

Starr Peak Totems

Totems of the Spirit Animals.

Starr Peak
Starr Peak Totems
Star Peak, Rock covered starship, with from top to bottom Hawk Puma Wolf and Bear
Vital statistics
Type *
Level Many
Location *
Inhabitants Shaman

Starr Peak was where Shaman made his home and where BraveStarr was raised.

Location BackgroundEdit

We see it being formed in the movie.[1] How the Shaman, used his magic powers, to take from space rocks


  • Episode 05: Kerium Fever (during moral only) - BraveStarr and Shaman are seen meditating by the fire at Starr Peak while Shaman recounts the moral of this story.
  • Episode 12: Big Thirty and Little Wimble - BraveStarr stopped by Starr Peak before returning to Fort Kerium to talk to Shaman about him having an argument with Thirty/Thirty.
  • Episode 25: Wild Child - BraveStarr spoke telepathically with Shaman, seeking advice and Shaman answered from Starr Peak.
  • Episode 47: The Price - - While keeping watch from Starr Peak, Shaman sensed evil endangering a young boy's life.
  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - BraveStarr telepathically contacts Shaman to ask for help when the entire town suffers from the Fever Flower's illness.
  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear - BraveStarr visited Shaman to ask about his missing Spirit Animal Powers and was given a task to venture into the wilderness on his own. Later, Thirty/Thirty also visited Shaman and decided to go after BraveStarr.

episode49 Call to Arms Krang land at Starr peak

   Episode33 When two suns are stolen BraveStarr seeks shaman's help Bravestarr and the three suns
   Episode 37 Night of the Bronco Tank BraveStarr  goes to Starr Peak to aid shaman and has to care for him

Episode 21 Yhe Vigilantes BraveStarr goes to Starr Peak to ask guidance and advice from shaman on What to do about Borca Episode 18 To Walk a Mile at the start BraveStarr is visiting with shaman in Starr Peak and this is shown

References Edit

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