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  • Number73

    BraveStarr vs the Krang

    September 25, 2014 by Number73
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  • Number73

    New Texas Daily News

    September 23, 2014 by Number73

    At this moment the information on this wiki is still rather scarce. There are less articles (48) than there are episodes of the TV show (65). Therefore this user hopes to make a difference by contributing to the wiki over the coming months. 

    There's so much to do, it's like prospecting for Kerium on New Texas. And I'm not very familiar with building wiki pages just yet, but the best way to learn it is to do it. 

    I've just changed the spelling of 'Bravestarr' to the correct 'BraveStarr' and 'Thirty Thirty' to 'Thirty/Thirty' on a gaggle of pages but I'm sure I must have missed a few. I wonder if it's possible to change the spelling in name of the wiki itself? 

    I would also like to see a more standard layout on every character and episode page …

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