Zevi Wolmark (born August 19,1982) is an American actor famous for his roles in the 1980's. Zevi voiced the BraveStarr character of Wilson, who appeared in several episodes. Zevi personally says that the interesting story, which mapped the series in the 1987 calendar as one of the most successful animated TV series of the year, has won him over and convinced him to work with the crew. It was quickly accepted by the teenagers and quite popular with youngsters.[1]

Biography Edit

Zevi has spent most of his childhood in San Francisco, California, where he was born. It is known that Wolmark studied at the Juilliard School in New York, at which point of his life he already left San Francisco in a pursuit of a healthier career. During the 90's, Zevi got involved in many projects, including the one he had with the Art Institute of Chicago. Later Wolmark moved to Rhode Island, where collaborated with the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), with whom he worked on several projects. Zevi currently lives back in New York, lecturing about cinematography at the New York University.[2]

From his college days, all the way to 2012, Zevi has primarily worked as an actor and theater artist. He appeared in all kinds of plays and a vast amount of animated and TV series.[3] Attending Juilliard meant opening several opportunities in this business, which further solidified his life's choices and profession. It was exactly New York City where he started working as an actor, and where he made his first steps, while he studied acting.

Some of the initial involvements in the TV shows Superboy and On Wings of Eagles got him critical praise and a clear navigation point as to where he should head next.

In his private life, Zevi enjoys spending quality time with his family.

References Edit

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